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The Generous Princess by amnis406
The Generous Princess
This is a direct continuation of the most recent installment of the collaboration between AurianaValoria1 and myself...

AurianaValoria1's part: 6-Harbinger of War
My part: The Visit


Western border of Whiterun Hold, Skyrim, 3rd of Mid Year, 4E203

The Western Legion lost the very important battle at the border between the
Reach and the Whiterun Hold. General Tullius was the leading commander.
He and a few others survived, but only because the Golden Princess has
some plans for them. After the fall of Markarth, this was another huge
victory for the Thalmor and a tragic loss for the Empire and its allies.

As Tullius regained consciousness, he was shackled in an old stone house. Suddenly a wooden door opened and three tall Elves entered the room. One of them was Adriel Arana, The Golden Princess.
She came very close to the injured General and began to talk in his left ear in a very quiet way...

Adriel Arana: ''General, General, General... What a pleasure to finally meet you.
Please excuse the shackles. We are a bit afraid of Imperials...''
*She and the Thalmor Guards around began to laugh loud* ''We need to talk, General... You and me, we have the same interests, isn't it so...?! I know, that you were very disappointed about the decision of that 'loser of an Emperor', Titus Mede. How could he choose this young girl, out of nowhere and with such little experience. A man with a remarkable military career like you have, deserved it much more. And now look at you! As her marionette, she sends you to the dirtiest and muddiest corners of this damned country, while she's drinking Colovian Wine on her throne far away from the battlefields. She's talking to her 'so called' friends from Morrowind... She's doing one mistake after the other... I would never trust someone from Morrowind... ha...!
Generous as I am, I will offer you my help... As an injured officer, you have now a good reason to return to the Imperial City... In your high position in the Empire, you have the opportunity to get very close to the Empress. I say... Kill her and the Imperial Throne is yours. Afer you became a mighty Emperor, we will fight together against the Nords of Windhelm and all the rebel scum will go down. I see a glorious future for us.
Now it's your choice... Join us, or rot here in this sinkhole! ...What do you say?''
Little Nightingales by amnis406
Little Nightingales
On a undercover mission, the Nightingales Cassandra and Amaryllis strolling through Riften, as suddenly four chlidren crossed their way.

Boy: ''Hold on, lady! We are the Nightingales and we want all your coins!!!''
Amaryllis: ''Aww... Look at them. Their costumes are so sweet...''
Cassandra: ''Sorry little fellow... I don't have any coins. But, we have a lot of sweets...''
Boy: ''Oh, this should be fine too...''
After the children took all the sweets, they ran away. Not knowing, that they stood right in front of real Nightingales a moment ago...
Amaryllis: ''They should never grow up...sigh!''
Astonishment and Admiration by amnis406
Astonishment and Admiration
A thieves heart runs faster, when he sees a Nightingale. But at this day it wasn't just one of the regular visitors, like Karliah or Amaryllis. This impressive appearence was called Margareth, the leader of the Nightingales and the right hand of Nocturnal. Usually she never comes down to the Cistern. There was astonishment and admiration everywhere around her. What may be the reason for her visit?


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Morgan1501 Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2015
May I say that I truly enjoyed looking at your gallery about the Elder Scrolls, it was one of the few things that got me into taking screenshots of my own. Though of course, my skills aren't that good compared to yours. Your mastery of the tools are superior to mine.
amnis406 Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much.... :w00t:
salameche342009 Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2015
Si tu na plus d'idées pour tes images, je te propose celle là: L'impératrice Chiara Avento (oui je suis obsédé par elle car je l'aime bien elle est très belle) rencontre un homme , un nordique, un Beau pas trop musclé et comme elle est pas marier je me suis dis qu'elle rencontrerait l'âme sœur quoi, je sais pas ce que tu en dis mais bon voilà je te propose cette rencontre entre un nordique et une impériale.
x-Kaelara-x Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy birthday! :party: Have a nice day.
amnis406 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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amnis406 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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